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Bad Guys: The GQ Villains by Nadav Kander

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You can make Skittles Vodka



1. Separate your skittles into colours
2. Mix 60 skittles and approx. 180mL vodka in empty water bottles
3. Shake the bottles well and leave them overnight.
4. Lots of white residue will be left, filter this out using a coffee filter or similar. Depending how viscous it is you may have to repeat this step.
5. Chill (in freezer) and serve.

The picture was taken before freezing the contents.



I know I rarely post personal things on this blog, but I’m hoping to get the word out and get some recognition (&votes) for an amazing attorney here in Texas that is making groundbreaking strides in the LGBT community’s fight for equality.

Eric Gormly, of The Gormly Law Firm (Dallas, Texas), has been making local and national headlines lately in the case of James A. Scott. Mr. Scott had gender re-assignment surgery years ago, and both his drivers license and birth certificate stated that he was, in fact, male. And in 1998, he married his wife, Rebecca Robertson at a Dallas Church. After years of marriage, Ms. Robertson decided that she wanted to declare the marriage void on the grounds that Mr.Scott was actually a woman, and here in the great state of TEXAS, we don’t recognize same-sex marriages.

Judge Hockett denied Robertson’s request to void the marriage, setting the stage for a major court battle. The outcome of which could pave the road for the LGBT community’s right to marry in the state of Texas.

I am doing what I can to put the word out about Mr. Gormly and his amazing efforts to bring equality to Texas. 

If you could take 5 seconds to reblog this and visit the Dallas Voice’s website and vote for Eric Gormly & the Gormly Law Firm for best “Civil/Family Attorney”..I would really appreciate it!

You can see what lawsuits Mr.Gormly is involved with now (including the Scott case) by visiting his website

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